Since its inception in 1989, Hybris has been a leader in the design and delivery of complex messages through exhibition design, themed attractions, and films. We specialize in touching audiences through art and story.

There are many ways to tell a good story. That story may be told through a marketing campaign, museum exhibit, amusement park attraction, interactive game, feature film, or an ad campaign with a spectacular launch event. Different messages require different delivery. The goal is always to create unique conceptual solutions that reach people emotionally and visually.

In addition to our own skilled employees, we have built up an extensive network of freelancers and partners that allow us to handle all aspects of any production - from idea and concept development to project management and execution - while always focusing on quality during all stages. For us, it is about the commitment and love for the work we do. We achieve the best results by requiring a lot of ourselves.

Hybris is located in central Oslo, Norway, and Seattle, WA, United States.