Themed Attractions & Events - Since creating our first attraction project in 1993, developing attractions has been a main focus for Hybris. We have developed a number of attractions, museums, visitor and briefing centers, and themed events for clients as varied as BMW and the Nobel Peace Center. We have worked a great deal with creative concept development, in connection with business strategy, product messaging, and marketing. Hybris is a member of the international organization TEA (Themed Entertainment Association).

Museum Exhibition - One of a museum’s most important tasks is to educate the public. Our role is to show that education can also be fun. With the help of a good story and exciting sets, our exhibitions attract visitors and encourage them to engage themselves in learning, in a fun and entertaining way.

Film, TV, & Media – Hybris has produced award-winning feature films, short films, documentaries, and commercials. In partnership with the production company Fireshoe and other industry partners in Los Angeles, we can write, develop, produce, and distribute a wide variety of original content.  We have also worked in conjunction with The Norwegian Film Fund and other film funds in Scandinavian countries to finance projects. Most recently, Hybris partnered with Innovation Norway to write and develop the original television series Inventors Academy.

Project Management – Hybris can manage every aspect of a project from inception to completion. We have experience in financing, budgeting, planning, scheduling, managing personnel and resources, and marketing a wide variety of projects. Careful planning is essential in order to ensure that we meet the agreed objectives and goals at the agreed time, for the agreed price.


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